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Last night I perversius was saying was the assistant of the train. If you remember, I spent years watching them and ran off the road by the track in my bedroom window. I told you that my pussy was wet every time one of those shadowy figures walking along the road, and as I ventured to a night on their way, even men perversius are getting a little train spotting perversius this afternoon, I tell you how I lost my virginity there. It happened a week after my first visit. Actually, perversius I was there every night this week, despite the cold. Snow had fallen during the week and the road was threatening to commit. Consequently, there was not much action, perversius except one night when the weather was a little ice thawed and two men had ventured out. I saw her masturbate each other against the outside wall of the cabin hidden. I saw it, even took off his hat he said as he walked, but none of them. I was a little off when they observedeach other the tail. They were fast, probably because of the cold, but I have a good look at their dicks and their cum. The sky was clear and the moon was full, so there perversius was a little light, and I was very happy and very excited about the show. I 'm not there, jerk and then waited until I got home, and then the handle of my hairbrush to me, very good, while I thought the secret shadow of two on the road. Anyway, I digress. The night I lost my virginity was frozen. Snow had fallen again and I thought no one would be on the road this afternoon. In fact, wrapped in a thick coat, boots and a scarf, but basically all he had was really a black lace bra and perversius panties silk - no wonder, therefore, was cold ! I was always very big, and neither the men nor the manner made ​​me nervous, not more. I was more than just tonight voyeurism, looking to move to another state, under my coat! I was sure, in my naive young age that not allthese men were totally gay. I suspected that some good of them were married or had girlfriends, probably so the secret of his exciting encounters on the road. I was sure I could by one or more of these men having sex. And he was right ! was walking up and down the snow -laden road a good half hour before seeing a soul. Then I noticed a shadow walking in a perversius slow pace for me from the bushes. I guessed, by the perversius way he walked slowly, but determinedly, that went to his house perversius and went, but I thought if it was, there was still someone there in the action exhausted handling. I quickly went through the bushes, from which the man had arrived, and was not, in fact, out of sight, hidden a small pile of men. It was too dark to tell exactly how many at first, but I figured that about three. Something was happening but could not say why. I wanted her to notice me, so it coughed loudly. They moved, as I suspected, they were looking for, so I said - very cheesy, I realisand now - 'Hey guys,' one said hello again, but not to speak of others. I was in the first crest - fallen, and thought that perhaps these men were gay, after all - which is not a 100% gay man turn a horny 16 year old girl? I thought I could not realize he wanted to participate in the action, maybe they thought he was just being nice ? Convince them that I felt that I was serious ! I approached the group aggressively stepping on the foot with every step. If I had a foot of them was gone before them. Tail still had to be semi -upright in his hand, but the others perversius seemed to fly here. 'Shit,' I thought I missed it ! One said : 'Go home, girl ' he said, ' We are very busy. ' 'Aha', I thought, 'It's not over, just do not know I do not know what they are doing here. ' perversius Without a word unbottoned my jacket to reveal my underwear. White shining light of the full moon, and gasped each of the men. 'Iin fun, ' he said, which seems really braver than I am now that I'm half dressed. Without speaking, the men had no instructions. The one with his tail still left me almost on the ground, which was about half an inch thick with snow, and almost pushed his cock into my eager mouth. I almost choked, but soon a regular rhythm. I had never sucked a cock before, but I guess you could say it was something He soon natural moans with pleasure while I drank a lot of this in my throat as I could. I knelt on the floor sucking this cock and two other men masturbating while watching EAHC. One of them came by then I sucked and one of them, even after both of the series. the third, spoke for the first time I can fuck you, ' he said simply. I'm on all fours in the snow and lifted the blanket of white panties I took her aside and rammed his cock into me. I cried at first, but disregarded the fact that he was a virgin, and remains very close. The pain was sharp and almost unbearable at first, but beautiful at the same time and I have not tried to stop him. Within a few strokes of the pain was gone and he was fucking me very hard while I suck the other two guys continued. The guy fucks perversius her, shouting that he wanted to cum, pulled, turned and ran into my face. The other two shifted and reached almost in unison. The sperm of the three boys was hot all over my face and I could feel it running in the eyes and mouth of my mouth. I felt so dirty and so amazingly great ! My knees were frozen in the snow and could barely move to get up at first. When the group began to drive, so that the absence of all of us, limping, and you yelled, ' See You Again ' ' You are safe !' I replied. Maybe I'll tell you another story very early in my train spotter !
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